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Learn The Game of Racquetball at Lake Country Racquet & Athletic Club!

Learn the essentials of racquetball. Develop your skills. And play better racquetball at Lake Country Racquet & Athletic Club.

Racquetball is an enjoyable and social way to exercise and reduce stress.  Lake Country Racquet & Athletic Club offers a fun and satisfying way to experience the game of racquetball. We offer professional racquetball lessons personalized for YOU. Our instructors are dedicated to helping improve your game while providing a rewarding experience.

Free Beginner Racquetball Lessons

Beginner racquetball lessons will help you learn proper techniques from the start and avoid forming bad habits.  A free beginner’s racquetball program is offered to new memberships. Our free beginner program includes 2 lessons, one time per week.

What you will learn: Basic skills, rules, court etiquette, stroke fundamentals, and more!

Racquetball Lessons

Advance your foot work. Improve your backhand. And perfect your serve at Lake Country Racquet and Athletic Club.

Racquetball lessons are a great and rewarding way to improve your game and give you confidence. We offer both half and full hour lessons. Contact our staff for questions, availability, and scheduling.

What you will learn: forehand, backhand, foot work, drive serve, lob serve, conditioning, positioning, and more!

Racquetball Leagues

Racquetball Leagues Spring 2017                     Racquetball League Session and Dates Spring 2017

Tutorial on how to register for a league using online services

Put your training to the test. Challenge your skills. And become a team player by joining a Racquetball League at Lake Country Racquet and Athletic Club.

Racquetball leagues are offered all year round at various times of the day and evening. League levels are available for men and women for Beginners-4.5 in rating.

Experience the game of Racquetball Today!

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