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Offering Group and Personal Training to Maximize your RESULTS!

Our certified Fitness Coaches are waiting to help you live better.  Through private (and semi) personal training, group training, TRIBE™ Team Training, MX4 ZONE Training, Styku 3-D Body Composite scanning, or just listening we are here to help you achieve your goals whatever they may be; overall health, decrease your stress level, feel better, sleep better, etc.

Fitness Training Information

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Personal Fitness Profile

Every new member is partnered with a Fitness Coach to help each member get the most out of their club experience. Your Fitness Coach will take you through a Personal Fitness Profile, a program with movement screen analysis, which tests your cardiovascular endurance, body fat, strength and flexibility. Upon learning your Fitness Age, your Fitness Coach will help you establish realistic goals and will then orientate you on how to use the fitness equipment and start off on a fitness program, designed specifically for your level and experience.

Purple Shirt Program

Fitness Coaches wearing a “Purple Shirt” designates those who are available to help members who are having trouble with a machine or need quick and simple workout advice. Look for a posted schedule to see when Fitness Coaches are available throughout the day.

Private Personal Training | One-on-One

After you go through the Personal Fitness Profile, a Fitness Coach will design a custom program around your specific goals.  This training provides you with exclusivity during your workouts, just you and your Fitness Coach.

Semi Private Personal Training | 2-5 People

Get the customization of an individualized program while working with like-minded individuals.  Based on your goals and needs, your custom program will be updated by your Fitness Coach on a regular basis.

Small Group Training | 4 – 8 people

Programming is adjustable, repeatable, expandable, and adaptable for members who want to work out in a community but don’t like large group formats.  MX4 ZONE Training, MX4 ZONE Boxing Training, MX4 ZONE Tennis Training, and Barre.

TRIBE™ Team Training | 5 – 12 people

TRIBE Team Training programs are not only results based but help TRIBE members create an exercise pathway for a lifetime.  The team momentum creates a dynamic environment for individual success.


  • Kris Walter, Fitness Director
  • David Gaatz
  • Kyle Lange
  • Melissa Haakenson
  • Mike Badura
  • Alex Klaas
  • Kayla Klink
  • Samantha Robinson
  • Matthew Sherman
  • Steve Southcott
  • Angela Riemenschneider
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