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Yoga & Pilates for the Neck, Shoulders, Hips and Back

Yoga and Pilates are mind-body disciplines that approach health in a holistic manner. Both practices utilize the breath and concentrated attention to bring awareness to the body. Think of yoga and Pilates as a form of corrective exercise aimed to improve upper back and shoulder comfort by reestablishing proper alignment, developing efficient movement patterns, and releasing hard-to-reach tension. When our muscles do not function properly, other parts of the body compensate to produce movement, thus developing pain.

The back side of the body takes on a lot of tension by working hard to hold us up every day. Research states 80-85% of the population experience back pain at one time in their lives.

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Facts About Food Fads

Fad diets. We all know someone who has tried one, or maybe you’ve tried one yourself. Not all fad diets are bad, but they typically don’t work for the long haul. They promote a type of lifestyle that isn’t sustainable and almost impossible to follow for a long period...

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Extra Gear: Tools to Up Your Tennis Game

The majority of tennis players are somewhat familiar with the idea that their gear can play a big role in elevating their game. Differences in racquets and strings can help or hurt a player based on their individual play style. However, there are other items that can...

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Rock Steady Boxing in Full Swing

After much preparation and training our Rock Steady Boxing program is in full swing. We already have a community of boxers that call Rock Steady Lake Country their “ring” to fight against Parkinson’s Disease.

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New Year, New You!

It’s February. The shortest, yet longest month of the year. It’s cold, dark and easy to forget all the reasons you were motivated to get healthy back in January. It’s much easier to grab a snack and a warm blanket and cuddle up on the couch for some binge watching....

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Reap the Rewards of Personal Training!

More and more members, novice and veteran exercisers alike, are working with fitness coaches to help stay on track with a healthy lifestyle. Utilizing a fitness coach is beneficial because it is an affordable means of getting and staying healthy, and oftentimes goes...

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February is Heart Health Awareness Month

February is national heart health month. Show your support and wear red all month long. Awareness and education can help others gain knowledge about the number one deadly killer of men and women in the US. With education and awareness, we can prevent heart disease and save lives.

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Welcome to 2019

What does the New Year mean to you? Maybe, it means the club will be extra busy. Maybe you still have planned social activities like parties with friends and family. I know, I do. The days are shorter and it seems there is more to do. How do we find balance in these stressful times?  Here are 10 tips to feel balanced this holiday season when you’re not at the club.

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Shoulder Aches Can Be a Real Pain in the Neck

Many people are living with a shoulder dysfunction and either don’t think it’s a problem or don’t know how to fix it. You don’t need to “work through the pain” or spend hundreds of dollars on physical therapy and doctor bills. Sure, there are some that might need more specialized treatment, but most shoulder aches and pains can be treated and even prevented by increasing mobility, stabilization, and strengthening other areas of your body.

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5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Ball Machine Time

The ball machine is a great tool that can greatly improve a player’s game if used the right way. While this example is a bit extreme, there are many players that aren’t getting the most out of their ball machine usage simply because they don’t know how to maximize their time. Here are five ways to make sure you’re getting the most out of your ball machine time.

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