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The Benefits of HydroMassage

EXHALE and Relax. We all know the benefits of regular massage, but we don’t always have the time or the funds to make massage a regular occurrence. What if I told you there was an option that was both affordable and convenient? Lake Country Racquet & Athletic Club is...

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Cross Training Can Help Take Your Workout to the Next Level

Do you find yourself doing the same thing week after week because there are certain fitness classes that are your favorite? Is your main mode of exercise tennis? There’s definitely nothing wrong with finding your groove, but if your results have stalled or you’re...

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Personal Training…It IS For Everyone!

Do you find yourself doing the same thing week after week because there are certain fitness classes that are your favorite? Do you tend to gravitate towards the tennis courts because that’s where you’re the most comfortable? ANY workout is a good workout, but maybe...

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Getting Ready for the Hunt

As the days begin to shorten and the temperatures drop, my thoughts, and those of 13.7 million other Americans, start to turn towards the upcoming hunting seasons. Every year hunters die or are injured while participating in this annual ritual. A lot of these...

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Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone and Into Tribe

What’s your excuse? “I get bored easily” or “I don’t know how to lift weights” or “the weight room intimidates me”. Any of these sound familiar? We’ve heard them all! It’s time to stop making excuses, step out of your comfort zone and finally try one of our small...

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Not Seeing Results? Here’s Why:

Every January you see it. People making resolutions to lose weight. They storm the cardio deck, book every group fitness class, and run mile after mile hoping to drop the proverbial “holiday weight”. Several weeks later they are left feeling exhausted and their bodies...

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Black and White Chicken Chili

Here’s a super fast (20 minutes) recipe that’s delicious and healthy. It’s also gluten free! My kids love it too. Black and White Chicken Chili   Ingredients: 2 – 14oz cans of cannellini beans 2 – 14oz cans of black beans 2 – 16oz jars of tomatillo salsa (green salsa...

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Find Your “Why” With TRIBE Team Training  

In the middle of summer we find ourselves outside sunbathing, snacking, enjoying the pool, and forgetting most of the healthy habits we’ve practiced when the weather isn’t as sunny. To stay on track find a friend or group to exercise with and hold each other...

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Why Everyone Should Try Boxing and Kick Boxing

"Yo, Adrian!" You might not be the next Rocky Balboa, but boxing (and kickboxing) is a great way to burn calories, improve balance and coordination, increase confidence and relieve stress. So if boxing and kickboxing have so many benefits, why don’t more people try...

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