Living in Wisconsin means embracing all kinds of weather. And when the sun is shining many people can’t stand the thought of being indoors. But when it comes to youth tennis instruction, being indoors isn’t only helpful, it’s essential.

I have been a youth tennis instructor for many years and have done both outdoor and indoor instruction. My experience has shown that while it is necessary for kids at the higher level to practice outside to understand how to play in the elements, I believe young children greatly benefit from indoor instruction when first learning tennis.

Young children greatly benefit from indoor instruction when first learning the game.

Younger children use lighter, age appropriate tennis balls to begin their instruction. I’ve found that when used outside, the wind can move the direct flight path of the ball and the students have a difficult time adjusting. The sun and hot temperatures also play a factor. Just like adults, kids become more sluggish and are not inspired to run in the heat and tend to prefer moving around in our indoor, air conditioned, controlled environment. The bright summer sunshine can also make it difficult when practicing. Trying to serve outside while looking into the sun forces the kids to adjust to low ball tosses and develop bad habits. There are also fewer distractions which allows for better focus and attention for the short time we have with your children.

At LCRAC we provide indoor training for young tennis players. You never have to worry about class being canceled or changed due to weather. You don’t have to lather them in sunscreen to protect them, only to have it get into their eyes or turn their grips slippery. We are here rain or shine to help your children learn the necessary skills to enjoy many years of playing tennis.

In addition to their tennis instruction, I strongly encourage kids to also play for fun with friends or family. That’s an equally important part of the process of learning and is essential in keeping kids engaged and motivated, while putting the skills they’ve learned into practice. So get outside, enjoy the weather and play some tennis!