Rules. Not that we love them, but we’ve got to have them to keep our club the clean and inviting facility that everyone can enjoy. Please look over our club etiquette policies to make LCRAC the community and club that everyone can enjoy

General Etiquette

Lobby - Parents with Children

We realize that waiting for a sibling to get done with their lesson can be boring, but we ask that parent’s have their children refrain from jumping and climbing on the lobby furniture as well as roaming the facility without adult supervision.  Your children’s safety is important to us. 

Cell Phones

We realize having a cell phone on the fitness floor is useful for timing, tracking your workouts, or filming your technique. We only ask that you refrain from loud, distracting conversations on the floor.

Secondly, do not occupy a piece of weight lifting equipment if you’re only going to scroll through your phone and not utilize the equipment you are on. 

We’ve all had to answer that important phone call while working out. If you are in earshot of someone and you need to take a call, get off the machine and go to a non-workout area to talk. Step away from a workout bench or free weights so someone else can get a rep in while you’re on the phone.

It’s never okay to take a call or text during a class. Leave your phone on mute or in the locker room if you are in a class.

Lastly, the gym is not a private filming studio. Try to keep the number of other gym-goers caught on your camera to a minimum or not at all.

Respect Others

Be aware to avoid strong smells. People are breathing deeply when they are working out and strong perfumes, colognes or body odor can really ruin their experience. Others in the gym may have allergies or sensitivity to certain odors. Also, make sure that work out wear is freshly laundered.

No Spitting

Have some common courtesy. Please do not spit on the floor or in the drinking fountain.

Arrive Early for Class

Being at least five minutes early and prepared for a group class is standard.

Stay Home if You're Sick

If you’re coughing and sneezing in a fitness class or while weightlifting, you’re leaving a trail of germs waiting to infect everybody else. Jessica Matthews, an exercise physiologist with the American Council on Exercise recommends opting “for an at-home workout — perhaps your favorite fitness DVD or an outdoor workout.”

If you must come to the gym for your workout, be sure to properly sanitize all equipment you use (which should be happening anyway).

If you don’t like the music playing or what’s on TV…

  • Ask others if they mind you requesting a change
  • Bring your own headphones and music

Fitness Floor Etiquette

Wipe Down the Equipment

Cleanliness should be a no-brainer when sharing equipment. However, sometimes people forget or are in a hurry to get to their next exercise, leaving a puddle of sweat and germs behind. Don’t be that person!

Use a paper towel and sanitation spray to wipe down any perspiration or indication of your use on the equipment to leave it ready for the next member. Sanitation spray and paper towels are available in every area of the facility. 

Please do not spray sanitation spray direction onto the cardio equipment monitors.  Spray the paper towel and then wipe the monitor down. 

Put Equipment Away

Again, treat the equipment as if it were your own. Do not wait until the end of your workout to put all of the supplies away.

Also, if you are using a bar to lift, make sure to put the plates away in the right place. It’s unfair to the next person to take your poundage off the bar before putting on what they need.

Exercise psychologist, Tom Holland, says it’s part of the workout to re-rack your weights. “It’s usually the person lifting a ton of weight who’s most guilty of this maneuver. In addition, if you leave the weights on, people aren’t sure if you’re done using the equipment.”

If you see a habitual offender of this rule, let a staff or management member know.

Share Equipment

If you are not willing to let others “work in” on equipment you’re using, avoid doing supersets. Just because you throw a towel on a machine you’re planning on coming back to does not mean you’re the only one allowed to use it. It is possible to get an efficient superset workout in while still being courteous of others. Holland recommends doing a superset including arms and core on one single bench.

Don't Hog the Mirror

If someone is looking intently into the mirror while performing an exercise, they’re probably watching their form – avoid standing directly in front of them. It’s acceptable to walk in front of a fellow weight-lifter, but give them clearance and be quick about it!

Using Chalk

We allow our members to bring their own chalk to the facility for their workout, but you are responsible for cleaning up behind yourself.

Using the Phone

Chatting on the phone and doing cardio simultaneously is not only annoying but potentially dangerous. Using fitness apps like Runkeeper or Fitbit to keep track of your fitness goals is encouraged, but keep cell phone time to a minimum – fellow members will appreciate it.

Locker Room Etiquette

Keep Personal Grooming, Personal

Self-explanatory, but necessary. Intimate grooming or tasteless personal hygiene rituals should be done at home, not in the locker room. Examples: clipping nails or body hair, washing feet or clothes in the sink, picking at body parts, etc.

Family Locker Room

Parents with small children will appreciate our Family Locker Rooms located next to the pool.  Each is equipped with private lockers, a shower, toilet, and vanity.  It is the perfect place for parents with small children of an opposite gender as these children under 3 are not allowed in our general locker rooms.

Be Modest

You may be used to chit-chatting or stretching in the nude within the locker room walls, but not everybody is comfortable with that. Please adopt some boundaries when others are around like covering up with a towel.

Don't Hog the Benches

Unpacking all the contents of your bag onto an entire bench may seem necessary, but try to leave room for others. Especially during peak gym hours, give other members space to get ready.

In addition to benches, all other amenities meant for all should not be monopolized. Things like mirror space, counter space, hair dryers, etc. are intended for everyone to use.

Clean up after Yourself

Ever hear “leave it cleaner than what you found it?” We just ask you pick up after yourself.

  • Locker room attendants are not your personal maids
  • Put toiletries back in their place so others can use them
  • Wipe up water you might’ve splashed around the sink
  • Throw towels in the towel drop located at our front desk once you are done

Showers should also be left the way you found them.

  • Turn off the water once you’re finished
  • Do not leave empty shampoo/soap bottles or extra towels
  • Dry off before walking through the rest of the locker room to avoid slipping

Leave the Phone in Your Bag

Even if you are simply texting your mother back, it can make people uneasy because your phone most likely has a camera. Turning it on silent is probably a good idea, too.