Rock Steady Boxing…coming SOON!

09/19/18 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

For those not familiar, this is a boxing/fitness program for individuals with Parkinson’s.  AMAZING program! Because my training was completed in May we are officially an affiliate. Now that we are an affiliate, our club information and our Rock Steady Boxing program are listed and linked to the main Rock Steady Boxing site. Meaning, if someone searches for Rock Steady programs in their area, our club shows up, with a  link to our Rock Steady website. Effective immediately.


With that I wanted to share more information with all of you, so you can field questions.


–              We will be bringing the Rock Steady Boxing program to our club. The plan is to start offering the program in the first part of 2019.

–              At this point, I do not have class schedules, class costs, etc.  But, will definitely relay this information as the program develops.

–              Please have anyone who shows interest in participating reach out to me via email or phone. Our affiliate website link  (see below) has a direct email link for me, as well as our number.

–              This program is HUGELY supported by volunteers as well as paid staff. If anyone shows interest in volunteering, have them connect with me.

–              I will be offering a training to bring in more “coaches” if you have any interest.


Here is a link to our affiliate website:



I will be hosting a Volunteer interest meeting:

Wednesday, September 19th at 7-8pm in Studio 2


For more information please contact Ann Glor, Group Fitness Director

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