There are more perks to being a member than being healthy and fit!

“Getting fit” and “healthy living” are only two of the many benefits that come with being a Lake Country Racquet & Athletic Club Member and the perks don’t stop once you’ve completed your New Member Reward Book. Check out these other benefits that we have available to our members.

SMART Start Program

Are you new to fitness? Or maybe you’re ready to get back on track after taking an extended break. We all have to start from somewhere, but now you can start SMART with our customized Smart Start guides complete with workout plans and exercise guides. Just pick your zone and get started towards your health and fitness goals. 


Download any of our SMART Start Guides below.

LCRAC Perks & Rewards 

(Administered by Perkville)

LCRAC Perks is a loyalty reward program designed to reward our members for using their club and its services. As a member, you will receive points for things such as using the club, referring friends who join the club, and interacting with the club on social media.

The program logs your points automatically daily.  As a member, the program will email you the first time you use the facility.  However, to earn points, you must join the reward program on the Perkville website. Points will not be awarded retroactively. Once you create an account, you can track your points online from your computer or smartphone.       

Once you have earned enough points for rewards, you can redeem those points on Perkville.  You will either receive a voucher to print, or you may bring in your smartphone for us to use the perk barcode number to use as payment. If you have any questions about registering, redeeming, or your points total, do not hesitate to contact our Business Office.

Health Insurance Rebates

Depending on your insurance company, a rebate is potentially available to members who qualify.  Rebates are currently available for the following insurance providers:

  • United Health Care
  • Aurora
  • Go 365

For more information, please contact our Business Office or 262-367-4999.