Lake Country Fitness, weight loss, athletic club, gym Lake Country Racquet & Athletic ClubIt’s February. The shortest, yet longest month of the year. It’s cold, dark and easy to forget all the reasons you were motivated to get healthy back in January. It’s much easier to grab a snack and a warm blanket and cuddle up on the couch for some binge watching.

This isn’t a new phenomenon. Fitness centers are almost always full in January and then begin to taper off in February. It’s all too common – people set massive goals for themselves to get healthy in the new year, work hard for a few weeks in January, and then lose interest or motivation. Most likely it’s because the goals they set are too difficult and they fail to see any results.

Start with these 3 easy steps to make sure you are moving in the right direction.

1. Set small goals
This seems counter intuitive. If we want big results we should have big goals. But that’s definitely not the case. It’s important to create realistic goals that are attainable in a short amount of time. Once you reach that goal, set a new one. If your goal is to lose 20 pounds or go down 3 pant sizes, don’t make that your only goal. Start with, “I’m going to start going to the gym 2 times per week.” It’s an easy goal and doesn’t make the number on the scale your only focus. Start out slow. Set small goals that you know you can reach easily. In time, you’ll get stronger and your goals will become larger!

2. Have a support system in place
Having a strong support team or work out buddy is a great resource for extra motivation when you feel like giving up. If you don’t already have a friend to join you, the club offers small group training which provides an atmosphere of camaraderie and support.

3. Write down your goal
By creating and writing down goals that are realistic you are more likely to stay motivated. Make yourself accountable or assign a friend to hold you accountable. Or come to the club where our personal trainers will hold you accountable. We can also help define your goals and make sure you’re on the right path.

A new year is a great time for new goals and to break bad habits. And if you never got around to setting a New Year’s Resolution, and just realized swimsuit season is just 4 (maybe 5) months away, it’s never too late to start! Set a small goal right now. And stop by the club so we can help you achieve it!