“Change happens through movement and movement heals.” 

— Joseph Pilates

This body conditioning routine helps build flexibility and long, lean muscles. When practiced faithfully, Pilates yields numerous health benefits, including increased lung capacity, circulation, strength, flexibility (particularly in the core), posture and balance. It also focuses on the eight principles of Pilates: concentration, centering, control, precision, breathing, alignment, flow, and integration. Develop core strength and body alignment with Pilates Classes at Lake Country Racquet & Athletic Club. Improve your strength, coordination, and balance from the core out. In our Pilates classes, every day is legs, abs, arms, hips, and back day. 

Pilates Training at LCRAC

Reformer Training

Pilates Reformer Training for Beginners/Intermediate

This 60-minute class takes place in our Pilates Studio. The Reformer offers all of the benefits of Mat Pilates including overall and core strength, flexibility, better back health, coordination, balance, and more. The Reformer is a system of springs, straps, pulleys, and a rolling platform. Working on the Reformer is a great way to build strong muscles and bones. No experience is necessary for beginners; equipment adjustment and changes are explained and demonstrated throughout the class.

A minimum of 2 participants is necessary to hold the class, cost $20/person. To reserve a spot in the Pilates reformer class, let us know.

Other Formats and Offerings

Private and Small Group Pilates

LCRAC offers private and group Pilates training in the studio at the member’s convenience.  Our staff has been trained by centers recognized by the PMA, the Pilates Method Alliance.  It is here you can practice the Pilates method by utilizing the tower (groups of 1-5) the chair, or the reformer (maximum 4 clients). Interested in private pilates, let us know.

Mat Pilates

We offer mat classes to all members at no extra charge.  All classes are held in Studio 2.  Members do not have to register.  Mat classes use core body strength and the weight of their bodies to improve movement, balance, and flexibility.  Mat classes are a mind-body workout, where participants will purposefully practice basic and advanced concepts of Pilates at the member’s ability level.

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