Six weeks to a better you with this total-body transformation program.

Prime Body Transformation Series

3 Levels of 6-Week Training Programs

Prime Body is a series of programs designed to provide fast, effective weight loss while increasing strength. The comprehensive plan speeds up your metabolism to accelerate fat loss and build lean muscle. Choose from private or semi-private. The program can easily be implemented into your schedule as it is only a 1-2 times a week commitment. In six weeks, this proven system will change the way you look and feel.

How Does it Work?

The six-week Prime body programs use negative lifting, also known eccentric lifting, to transform your body. We start by obtaining a precise body measurement with our Styku body scan. Using this information we create a plan that helps monitor your calorie intake. Our expert trainers will also teach you other ways to speed up your metabolism and burn body fat. By using a combination of key nutrition and workout plans specialized for your body, our team will help you achieve your personal goals and get results.

“I am shocked at how much can be accomplished in only 6 weeks. I’ve been dieting and working out for 2 years and was no longer seeing results. During my 6 weeks on the Body Transformation program, I dropped my body fat composition by almost 4%. I am stronger. I no longer go hungry to lose weight, and I am happier with my lifestyle than I was before the program. I’ve adopted healthier habits and made real progress towards reaching my long-term fitness goals.”

Traci Van Ooyen, LCRAC Club member
on her first Prime Body Transformation experience


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Which Level is Right For Me?

Level 1 Prime Body Foundations


You want to: Build muscle tissue and decrease body fat
We want to: Guide you through the lifestyle changes needed to lose or maintain body fat.
Includes: 6 Weeks of 1-2 training sessions per week, pre- and post-transformation body scans and evaluations, customized nutrition and workout plans

Level 2 Prime Accelerated


You want to: Build muscle tissue and increase strength. Decrease body fat
We want to: Build off of Level 1 to drop more body fat or build muscle.
Includes: 6 Weeks of 2 training sessions per week, pre- and post-transformation body scans and evaluations, customized nutrition and workout plans

Level 3 Prime Maintenance

You want to: Maintain lean muscle mass and strength

We want to: Help you continue your success using this program after doing one or both of the above programs.

Includes: 6 Weeks of one training session per week, pre- and post-transformation body scans and evaluations, customized nutrition and workout plans

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Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle or improve your health, our individualized nutritional services will give you the tools needed for lasting results.

Amy Prange, Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist, is available to help guide you on the path to healthier living. In addition to overall wellness and weight loss insight, Amy is specialized in helping individuals with kidney disease, high blood pressure or Type 2 diabetes.

Individual Nutrition Consultations

Set up a private appointment with Amy to discuss your nutrition goals and how food can help fuel your workouts for better results. Members receive one complimentary private consultation. Additional consultations (private or semi-private) can be added for an additional cost. For more information on our Nutrition Services and fees, contact Amy Prange at prangea@lcclub.com.


Our Styku body scanner will provide an incredibly accurate picture of your overall body composition including body fat percentages. We use these results to help us determine the perfect nutritional program designed just for you!
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Nutritional Seminars

We offer complimentary nutrition seminars throughout the year on important topics such as:

  • Heart healthy eating
  • Sports and nutrition
  • Fad diets