After much preparation and training our Rock Steady Boxing program is in full swing. We already have a community of boxers that call Rock Steady Lake Country their “ring” to fight against Parkinson’s Disease.  

Lake Country Racquet & Athletic Club is home to Rock Steady, a program for people living with Parkinson's disease.

The goals for each boxer are different, but their passion for fighting back is the same. One boxer’s goal is to gain more muscle, another is to be able to juggle again, another to gain better balance. These goals stick with us as coaches. Their goals become our goals.

The Rock Steady program is very purposeful in how it approaches the workout. Every component of the class is designed to combat symptoms people with Parkinson’s face every day. We begin with warming up and stretching to combat muscle rigidity and spasticity issues. We move into the main workout portion which includes boxing, balance work, agility and dexterity drills. The belief is that that “forced, intense exercise” reduces motor symptoms in individuals with Parkinson’s. The class finishes with core work and more final stretches to help keep our boxers standing tall. When class is over the boxers come together with their coach for a final cheer or chant.

This program isn’t just a workout. It serves as a community and a connection for people living with Parkinson’s. We are all fighting together.
We are always accepting applications to add more boxers to our Rock Steady Lake Country family.