What’s your excuse? “I get bored easily” or “I don’t know how to lift weights” or “the weight room intimidates me”. Any of these sound familiar? We’ve heard them all! It’s time to stop making excuses, step out of your comfort zone and finally try one of our small group sessions. You might be intimidated, but remember that the people who look like they know what they’re doing didn’t always look that way. They were beginners once too!

The benefits to small group training will squash the fear and anxiety you might associate with trying something new. In a small group setting you have motivation and support from your team. This accountability helps you establish and stick to a routine ultimately leading to results! On those days you ‘don’t feel like it’, your team will be there for you. On days where you ‘get bored’, your team is there to challenge and laugh with you. When you need ‘extra energy’, your team is there to motivate you.

You will also have one on one attention and focus from your trainer to help with technique, show you how to use new equipment and focus on areas where you need the most help. They will get to know YOU and help determine how to achieve YOUR specific goals.

Tribe Team Training gives you more than just a workout. Whether you’re new to fitness, trying to get started again, or a returning Tribe member; this program will help you establish a consistent routine. Tribe Team Training will give you accountability, support to build a healthy lifestyle, motivation from peers, and a certified Tribe Trainer to safely instruct and coach you through each workout successfully. Are you ready now?

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