Have you ever thought about getting involved (or more involved) with tennis? There are several benefits of playing tennis. Here are 3 reasons you should strongly consider it.

1. Your health will improve

It’s no secret that physical activity is good for the body. But some physical activity can ultimately take its toll. Tennis is known for being a “lifetime sport” because you can play it at any level. Some believe playing the sport will also increase longevity!

Tennis Benefits

Tennis is known for being a “lifetime sport” because you can play it at any level. Some believe playing the sport will also increase longevity!

In tennis, quick bursts of movement combined with short lulls between points works fast twitch muscles and burns calories at a rapid pace. In fact, each match burns between 400 and 600 calories depending on the level of play. The fast movements in tennis combined with torso rotation lead to avid players having strong legs and a strong core.

Since tennis is a non contact sport, there is a reduced risk of broken bones, concussions and other injuries. While there is some risk involved, tennis injuries are usually related to repetitive movement. Most of the time, these injuries can be alleviated with rest or basic pain management.

2. Your mind will stay sharp

It’s not just your physical being that will benefit from playing tennis, but also your mind. Exercise of any kind releases endorphins which are responsible for that happy, fulfilled feeling after a workout. Playing tennis also reduces stress by releasing serotonin. Serotonin is another neurotransmitter that leads to a positive mental state and can be as effective at lifting a person’s spirits as a mild dose of antidepressants. And hitting a ball as hard as you can is a great way to alleviate stress!

Tennis also requires mental focus to play. Players must keep track of the score, use strategy, make decisions, and interact with other players. This flexing of the mind leads to increased focus, concentration, and memory on and off the court.

3. Your social circle will grow

Whether playing competitively or for leisure, tennis is a social sport. Since it requires at least two people to play, getting involved with tennis is a sure way to meet new people. There are always leagues, tournaments, and mixers at the club level, so finding people to play with is easy. And the more you play, the more people you will meet!

Leagues and tournaments are usually split up by level so there’s no need to worry about being a beginner. You will always be paired up with others within your ability and skill level.

Lake Country Athletic & Racquet Club has many ways to get involved so come check out our programs and start realizing the many benefits of playing tennis!