If you have a child playing tennis, then you should definitely know about Junior State League. It is one of our excellent tennis programs which provides a team atmosphere and match experience for kids who typically just compete on an individual level, or don’t compete at all.tennis, lake country, Hartland Tennis, kids tennis, youth tennis, beginner tennis, waukesha county tennis kids

At LCRAC we offer 2 teams – one for children 13 & under, and another for anyone 14 and older. The teams are made up of members from our high performance tennis program to play both singles and doubles matches. We need 8 players on each team
that sign up on Team Snap each week.

The summer season is seven weeks and we compete against local indoor and outdoor clubs. Every year we enjoy watching kids who are used to playing an individual sport turn into great competitors in a team sport atmosphere. As these kids of all ages cheer each other on, they learn valuable life skills about teamwork and bonding.

Our goal when setting up these matches is not to dominate the other team, but to match similar level kids so they have fun and learn from both wins and losses. We want our junior tennis players to be prepared for competitive high school matches so they continue to see success and have fun on the courts.

To learn more about our Junior Tennis League program, contact Mano.