“Yo, Adrian!”

You might not be the next Rocky Balboa, but boxing (and kickboxing) is a great way to burn calories, improve balance and coordination, increase confidence and relieve stress. So if boxing and kickboxing have so many benefits, why don’t more people try it?

Great question!

Trying something new can be difficult and scary. No one wants to look or feel uncomfortable, especially in front of others. But if you’re willing to take a small risk, this type of workout can have a positive impact on both your personal life and your fitness goals.

LCRAC Boxing & Kick Boxing

People of any age and fitness level should try boxing and/or kickboxing.

Boxing and kickboxing provide a fun and challenging way to workout because it’s one of the few types of exercises that can accomplish an equal distribution between strength (anaerobic) and cardio (aerobic) workouts. It’s a skill that requires full engagement, so you’re never watching the clock waiting for your workout to be over. Instead of drudging through the same old type of exercise every day, you could actually enjoy an intense workout and simultaneously get in great shape. And let’s not forget – it’s fun to hit stuff.

Most people will get burned out with their exercise regime or feel like they’ve hit a plateau at some point. If that’s not you, great! But you may still want to consider changing things up for a few weeks and try something new and challenging. You will literally and figuratively be keeping your body on its toes!

People of any age and fitness level should try boxing and/or kickboxing. We have options to try it one-on-one with a trainer or in a small group class. Visit the club to learn more or contact Kris Walter (walter@lcclub.com), Fitness Director.