You’ve heard us talk about the many benefits of personal training. You’ve also probably read a few of our testimonials about our variety of group fitness and small group training classes. So which one is the best? Obviously it depends on each individual to find a fitness routine that fits their needs and goals.

But what if you combined ALL THREE into your fitness routine? Too crazy to consider? Maybe. But hear me out. Combining group fitness, small group and personal training can provide you with the ultimate fitness routine. It’s going to require you to step out of your comfort zone and trust the trainers at LCRAC.

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Group Fitness

Group fitness is a great option to get your workout in while doing something you enjoy. We offer a variety of strength, cardio, core and flexibility classes including everything from weight training to yoga. Your instructor and fellow participants will motivate you, and the energy generated in these classes makes your workout speed right by. The only missing component in the group setting is individual guidance. Instructors are great leaders, but can find it difficult to meet the individual needs of each participant.

Small Group Training

Classes such as MX4, barre, pilates, Tribe, or a group of friends working with a trainer, all fall under small group training. These classes give you the best of both worlds. Your group of fellow workout buddies become a team, and receive guidance and supervision from a personal trainer there to help you perform the exercises correctly, motivating, and encouraging you.

Personal Training

The pros of personal training are really quite simple – one on one attention focused on your specific goals and needs. Whether you’re working to rehabilitate from an injury, correct your form, focus on sports specific training, or want the attention to detail and expertise only a trainer can provide- personal training is completely tailored to your needs. Plus, you get the added benefit of a program built around your schedule.


But to really have a well-rounded fitness routine you need all three! Yes, that’s right. A personal trainer will not only guide you in your training, but can also help find classes or groups that are a good fit for you based on your goals. One of the biggest benefits of working with a personal trainer is applying the knowledge you receive in your sessions to a group setting. Now when you go into a group exercise class or MX4 you will know how to lunge properly, perform a plank correctly, and understand where you should be feeling an exercise to avoid injury and become stronger and more fit!

At LCRAC we have so many wonderful, knowledgeable trainers and group exercise instructors that are here to facilitate your fitness journey, help you reach your goals and share in your achievements. Use the resources available to you. Just reach out and ask! Take the first step, try something outside of your comfort zone and take your fitness to the next level! We are here to help!

To schedule a free training session with one of our experienced and knowledgeable fitness professionals, please contact Kris Walter.